Lexi’s Story

Alexis “Lexi” Schultz unexpectedly passed away November 12, 2015, one-week shy of her 14th birthday, but the legacy of the girl who encouraged, stood up for, and supported kids who were victims of bullying lives on and gains ground every day.  Live Like Lexi was created in the honor of the girl who was the first person to offer words of encouragement such as, “Let your mind think before your tongue moves,” or act as a shoulder to lean on for those who were struggling.

With a mission of bully awareness both as curriculum in educational platforms, as well as establishing and implementing a scholarship for students who embody Lexi’s anti-bullying platform, Live Like Lexi looks to educate and support our youth.  Your donations help Lexi’s organization further deliver her message to the masses while supporting other youths who help do the same.  Together, we can #LiveLikeLexi!


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