Bully Awareness Activities – #LiveLikeLexi #bullyawareness #bekind

Date:27 Oct, 2016

Bully Awareness Activities – #LiveLikeLexi #bullyawareness #bekind

LiveLikeLexi Charity was invited by Gilbert Public School District’s Desert Ridge Junior High School to present and be involved in their Bully Awareness #LiveLikeLexi Day. The faculty and students were amazing and LiveLikeLexi charity is grateful and overwhelmed by the amazing day we had there.

Spreading kindness at an Anti-bullying assembly where Lexi’s mom spoke about how Lexi was against bullying.

Gilbert Public School
Desert Ridge Junior High
#LiveLikeLexi Bully Awareness
Activities and Anti Bullying Assembly

A pretty amazing picture of the teal-ed out students & faculty @ Desert Ridge Junior High. #LiveLikeLexi #bullyawareness #bekind #sweetlexiloushinesonyou




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